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How to Pack Your Cups and Glass when Moving

When moving a kitchen, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed!  From china to cleaning products, there’s a lot of items in the kitchen and moving them can be a hassle but it doesn’t have to be.  Here to help, we’re going to show you how to begin packing and moving your kitchen by starting with the cups and glassware.

Packing your glassware

Packing and Moving Cups and GlassesFirst, place your cup or glass diagonally about twelve inches away from the corner.  Then, bring the packing paper completely over the glass, leaving about eight inches of paper.  Then, take your second glass and place it upside down beside the glass you just folded paper over so they form a bit of a rectangle.  Then, pull the corners of the paper over and fold them over the glass.  Last, roll them forward wrapping the last bit of paper over them.



Packing your stemware

Packing and Moving StemwareWhen it comes to preparing your stemware for moving, it’s important to create a lot of padding because of how delicate they are.  The first step is to provide resistance against any bumps that may occur once they’re in the moving truck.  To do this, we’re going to put packing paper inside the cup.  Next, take the stemware and place it just like you did with the glassware, about 12 inches away from the corner and laying diagonally.  Using two sheets of packing paper, roll your stemware over about 2 full rotations forward, then fold the corners over.  Roll forward until the paper ends.


Preparing your moving boxes

packing and moving glasswareTo safely store your cups, glassware, and stemware, place a few pieces of packing paper on the bottom of your box to provide a cushion.  Next, place your items in the box vertically,  top down – not on their sides.  Then, be sure to add packing paper to the remaining areas of open space in your box.  There are times to save on materials, but this is not one of them.  The more packing paper you have in your boxes, the safer they will be if anything bumps into the boxes on the moving truck or if the movers allow the box to topple over.  For this reason, be sure to label the box “Fragile” and what the contents of the box are.

Here are some additional resources for moving your kitchen:

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If you’re moving your kitchen and have any tips you’d like to share, please comment below or let us know if you would like any other tips for moving!





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