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Easy Way To Pack Electronic Cords When Moving


Organized way to pack your electronic cords when moving

We’ve all been there.  We decided to move, hired a good moving company, and started the packing process.  Then we came across the tangled nightmare of electronic wires,  which after unplugging didn’t look much better.  It can be a pain packing these neatly, only to wonder which cable goes where when unpacking.  During the last move, I used these tips and tricks to save me a ton of frustration and hassle.  Check them out!

1.  Use colored or washi tape to label your electronic cords

Moving Tape Cord OrganizeAdding these labels will make things much easier when you are beginning to plug everything back in.  Just unplug each cord one at a time, add the label, and plug it back  in until all the cords you need help with are finished.  It also helps to take a picture of your electronic setup too.  Then you can begin unplugging them and putting them into their proper place which leads to the next tip!



2. Use toilet paper rolls to store your electronic cords

best moving corda organizerOnce you’ve got your cables labeled, you can put them into toilet paper rolls for easy, clutter free storage. For those extra cables you didn’t put tape labels on, you can just label the toilet paper roll instead.  It will really make moving so much easier when you easily locate proper cords and set up each electronic without creating any messes.       


3.  Make a cable storage box

Movers Company Packing TipsNow that your labels and toilet paper rolls are put together, secure them with string, tape, or whatever you want to ensure they don’t move around inside the box.  Use a thick divider to separate the toilet paper rolls from the compartment for any extra cables you have.  After you’ve finished packing the cables into your box, make sure to label it on the outside to help the movers and yourself out when you need to find it. This was such a huge help when needing to plug something in having and having all the cables in one place.


4.  Use  a plastic organizer

Moving Cable Storage MoversAnother alternative is to simply label a plastic organizer with drawers.  Just put all cables in their respective drawers and you’re set.  Make sure to secure the drawers so they don’t slide out while if your moving truck hits a bump and knocks it over.  I recommend to use something to secure the drawers so they don’t come out or place it in a box with the drawers facing the interior wall that would block the drawers if they did try to slide out.  


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I hope these tips helped you like they helped when I was moving a few months ago.  If you like these tips or have one you would like to share, please comment below and let us know your organization tips the last time you were moving!


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