How to move your furniture yourself

Whether you’ve got to move furniture on short notice or want to save money, you can move large furniture without the help of movers.  There are few steps to take before carrying on this task and here, we will lay it all out to ensure you get your furniture out and in safe and no harm comes to you either.

Plan your attack

Getting furniture through tight places can be tricky so the best way to go about it is to measure your furniture dimensions (length, width, and height) and to measure the areas you are moving it through (hallways, stairs, etc.)  After you have got your measurements, see if it is possible to go the way you wanted and if not then find another route.  After you’ve found a winning route, figure out which ways the furniture will fit best when moving it.  You will want to ask questions like “Will it be easier to move it if I flip it on its side?” or “How will I get around the staircases?”  You’ll want to remove any attached pieces like the legs for instance before you get moving.  Next, we’ll look at some tools that will make the job a little easier.

Tools of the trade

If you are moving light furniture you may want to see if you can use a dolly.  They are available for rent in some areas.  If you’re moving furniture through large areas, you may be able to use sliders.  These are plastic and foam pieces that you stick underneath each corner and simply move across the floor.  Also, you can try rollers.  These are simple rods that you stick underneath the furniture and move it forward as it rolls on the rods.  You can place another rod in front of the furniture as it rolls out behind it.  Last, if you have to move furniture alone, there is a strategy to get you there.  Simply put long boards over the staircases and let it slide on them.  This is a bit more tricky but can be done if careful. 

I hope these tips have been helpful and if you’ve got any extra tips that have helped you move your furniture, comment in the area below!

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