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How to choose and pack boxes for moving

When packing a box, choosing the right size is crucial.  If you put heavy items like books into a big box, the bottom will fall out and if you’ve got anything fragile inside, you are in for some real trouble.  Here to help, we’re going to guide you through what boxes are out there, the best ones for each job, and how to properly pack it.

Variety of boxes

There are all sorts of moving boxes out there.  We’ve all seen the small to big boxes so let’s get on to some specialized ones.

Wardrobe boxes – These boxes stand 3 to 4 feet tall and will have a bar on top going from the left side to the right.  You can put hangers on wardrobe boxes and close the top of the box to keep your clothes safe.

Glassware boxes – These boxes will hold glassware and have cardboard sectionals that provide little cubbies for each piece of glassware. They can be layered on top of each other, but they must be prepared for storage with packing paper.  To learn more, about how to wrap your glassware, check out How To Pack Your Cups and Glassware.

Picture boxes – These boxes will but cut at the halfway point and slide over each other.  They are a great way to keep your framed pictures safe and come in several different sizes.  Additional packing inside the box is optional.

TV boxes –  These boxes come in assortment of sizes and are designed to be very sturdy to hold up to the weight of large screens.  If you hire moving company, you may very see these and appreciate their safety.

Mattress boxes – Yes that is right, they even have boxes for mattresses and boxsprings. These are wrapped with plastic first to keep the dust and insects out, then placed in the boxes for shipment.  This is an extra layer of protection against tears in the plastic that could lead to damage at some point during the moving process.

How to pack boxes

Now that we’ve go the specialty boxes out of the way, let’s talk about how to pack boxes for moving.  The first thing to keep in mind is that heavy items should always go into smaller boxes.  The material of a box can only hold so much weight and too much will break the bottom of a box, even with heavy tape of the bottom of a it.  This is what movers complain about all the time from customers who decide to pack themselves.  With larger items like pillows and linens, place them into large boxes that can hold their light weight.  So, heavy items go in small boxes, light items go in big boxes.  Piece of cake.  Be sure add extra packing paper to ensure nothing bounces or moves when it’s on the truck.

Tape and label boxes

Use strong tape what was made for taping boxes.  Others will not hold and make a big mess or worse break something inside.  Label your boxes for where they are going.  This will help the movers out and you as well.

If you have any tips or ideas you’d like to share, comment in the box below!


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