We all know that the hardest part of moving is not driving to your new place.  It’s everything before and after that takes the most work.  And one small problem can snowball into a really big one if it’s missed.  Moving can be complicated if you don’t have a proper checklist. And we don’t want that to happen so we thought we’d cover all your bases so you can sleep soundly in that house that you worked hard for.  So without further adieu, here’s everything you’ll need to change!

The Essentials

  • The Post Office – We simply can’t forget our mail.  Be sure to get to the Post Office and forward your address BEFORE you actually pack up and hit the road.  You don’t want any mail slipping in between the cracks.
  • Your Employer – Make sure to update your new address for your Paychecks and to have your W-2’s sent to the right place.  If you own a business yourself, you don’t confidential information leaking out.


  • Your Bank/Credit Union – Got to make sure those statements are coming in and what their new lower interest rates are in case we want to use financing.
  • Loan Companies – It’s your business and yours only who you took out a loan with.  Let’s keep it that way.
  • Credit Cards – One of the most frustrating as well as embarrassing things is moving to another state and having your cards denied because they weren’t notified you were moving and it’s flagged as suspicious.
  • Student Loans – This one is a common one and you would be surprised how many times student loan accounts are sold to other companies so having your address correct can save you a lot of trouble.
  • Investments – We all need to prepare for the future and making sure your investment reports come to you (and not someone else) is crucial.


  • Health, Dental, Vision – When you keep your insurance companies in the loop, they can help you link in to the health facilities that take your coverage.  Health is important and in case of an emergency, it’s best to have this one sorted out before the fact.
  • Car – While your coverage extends across the country, it’s always good to update your info in the new area’s office and meet the staff in case you need a copy of your insurance if you happen to accidentally lose it.
  • Homeowners – This one speaks for itself but can easily be forgotten about. Make sure your coverage extends to the new doors before you arrive.

Home Services & Utilities

  • Water, Electricity, and Gas – Make sure to find out your options and payment methods available for your new area.
  • Internet – Everything today revolves around it so check to see if you can move your services over to your place if they have coverage there.  Unless they sucked, then check around.
  • Garbage – Some areas have free garbage service while others require payments.  Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before it becomes a hassle.
  • Cell Phone Service – While you will likely have coverage it’s a good idea to update your residency as soon as you can.  If there were any previous connection problems in the area, they can help you faster.
  • Lawn Care – If you don’t love riding that tractor, make sure you call someone that does to keep that fresh cut grass smell coming all year long.
  • Cleaning Service – Some house cleaners will travel a distance if the conditions are right so make sure to ask and if you can’t keep that lady you really love, be sure to scout out some really good ones where you will be living.


  • Doctor, Dentist, and Children’s Physician – In case of an emergency, it’s good to know where to go before you move into a new area.
  • Vet – Before you bring your pooch along for the ride, find a good vet.  There are some good ones and bad ones so be sure to check online for reviews to save you some time and frustration.
  • Lawyer – Be sure to have a lawyer on hand for various things like automobile collisions, domestic disputes, or in the case you have to use your handgun in defense.
  • Babysitter – Babysitting is an area none of us skimp on and finding a reliable sitter is a must.  I used SitterCity to find the most reliable babysitters and the reviews others have left for them.

Memberships and Subscriptions

  • Retail and Grocery Stores – Sales and promotions are region-sensitive and updating will ensure you don’t miss great deals.
  • Churches – Finding a church that fits can be tough.  There’s a lot of options out there, but if you’re moving out of town be sure to let your church know so they take you off their lists.
  • Scouts/Youth Organization – The teams your youngsters may have may off a sister chapter where you’re going but sometimes you can get a good lead from your current group’s parents of which troop would be the right one.
  • Parent/Teacher – Take your name off the first school’s list and add it to the new one’s.  You don’t need any more junk mail.
  • Magazines – An easy phone call will make sure you keep up to date on what’s going on with the Kardashians, fitness world, or sports.
  • Subscription Boxes – Welcome to 2017.  From Fishing Tackle to Shaving Kit subscriptions, you can get the latest hot products shipped monthly to your doorstep.  Update your address so Fido doesn’t miss his monthly treats.

Government Agencies

  • Dept. of Motor Vehicles – Sometimes being local with your registration helps when chatting with the police officer that just pulled you over.  Win him over and you may just walk away without a ticket.
  • Voter Registration – Registering correctly will save you from driving around town looking for the right voting building so update this and you’ll have the correct voting building for your address.

Online Shopping

  • Amazon, Ebay, etc. –  Let’s make sure the package arrives at the right house.  With Amazon’s Prime membership, you can choose One-Click Buy option and have it sent to your house without the checkout process. This can be disastrous if you make a big purchase only to find out it’s thousands of miles away.


That’s an exhaustive list but as long as you’ve tackled it, then you can rest easy as your moving company takes you to your new home knowing everything is in place to move forward.  I hope this helped and your move goes safely.

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