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How to move your furniture yourself

Whether you’ve got to move furniture on short notice or want to save money, you can move large furniture without the help of movers.  There are few steps to take before carrying on this task and here, we will lay it all out to ensure you get your furniture out and in safe and no […]

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How to choose and pack boxes for moving

When packing a box, choosing the right size is crucial.  If you put heavy items like books into a big box, the bottom will fall out and if you’ve got anything fragile inside, you are in for some real trouble.  Here to help, we’re going to guide you through what boxes are out there, the […]

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Tips for Moving Dishes Safely

When moving houses and packing yourself, it’s important to remember that when moving dishes, they need to be packed carefully.  If not, you’ll be disappointed when you find broken plates in your boxes.  So in this article, we are going to guide you on how to properly pack your dishes every step of the way. […]

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How to Pack Your Cups and Glass when Moving

When moving a kitchen, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed!  From china to cleaning products, there’s a lot of items in the kitchen and moving them can be a hassle but it doesn’t have to be.  Here to help, we’re going to show you how to begin packing and moving your kitchen by starting […]

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Easy Way To Pack Electronic Cords When Moving

Organized way to pack your electronic cords when moving We’ve all been there.  We decided to move, hired a good moving company, and started the packing process.  Then we came across the tangled nightmare of electronic wires,  which after unplugging didn’t look much better.  It can be a pain packing these neatly, only to wonder […]



We all know that the hardest part of moving is not driving to your new place.  It’s everything before and after that takes the most work.  And one small problem can snowball into a really big one if it’s missed.  Moving can be complicated if you don’t have a proper checklist. And we don’t want […]


Top 10 Moving Tips For Beginners

Moving the first time can be an overwhelming experience. If this is your first relocation, simplifying your move may not come naturally. Take your move to the next level with these tips and pack your belongings in an efficient manner. When planning a move, finding the easiest way to complete tasks is a must, making your relocation follow through seamlessly.